Whether you are a beginning computer science teacher or an experienced veteran, WeTeach_CS for HS provides all the instruction, materials, and support you need to teach a first year computer science course using three programming platforms: Scratch, Jeroo, and Java.


TEKS Alignment

WeTeach_CS for HS is 100% aligned to the Computer Science I TEKS for Texas (CS1 TEKS 126.33). Download the documentation to use your IMA funds to purchase the curriculum. View/Download TEKS Alignment Documentation


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The WeTeach_CS for HS curriculum will guide new computer science teachers through the challenges of a first-year computer science course at the high school level. The course uses three programming platforms, Scratch, Jeroo, and Java, to progressively develop students through more challenging content. The curriculum provides more than enough lessons, labs, projects, and assessments (both formative and summative) for a typical school year of approximately 160 instructional days and includes extra materials to challenge accelerated students. Additionally, the teacher has access to videos, discussion boards, online professional support, and virtual office hours with the course developers to provide them with the tools they need to master the curriculum and content. WeTeach_CS for HS is a comprehensive curriculum designed to support new computer science teachers establishing an entire CS program within their school, starting at the ground level.

View the actual syllabus for this curriculum, along with a sample lesson plan, lab, activity, and more when you visit the WeTeach_CS for HS product page.


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