The WeTeach_CS Program at UT Austin’s Center for STEM Education will be accepting applications for Computer Science Collaboratives in Texas beginning December 7, 2016. Proposals are due January 9, 2017.

WeTeach_CS CollaborativesThe purpose of this Request For Application (RFA) is to solicit grant applications from eligible organizations to implement programs that improve the computational thinking and academic achievement in computer science students through partnerships among institutions of higher education, local education agencies, elementary schools, and secondary schools. Each partnership will provide high quality and sustained professional development focused on the education of computer science teachers. Such training should continuously stimulate teachers’ intellectual growth and upgrade teachers’ knowledge and skills through activities that are grounded in scientifically based research and aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for Computer Science.


RFA Resources

Pre-Applicant Meeting Presentation (PDF) – This presentation provides an overview of WeTeach_CS, along with the goals and requirements of the Collaborative program.

Pre-Applicant Meeting Recording (Adobe Connect) – If you missed the meeting or would like to review any part of the meeting, a recording is available.

WeTeach_CS Collaboratives 2017 Grant Program Guidelines (PDF) – This document contains the complete details, instructions, and timeline for the Collaborative program.

FAQ for WeTeach_CS Collaborative Grant (PDF) – A collection of Frequently Asked Questions about the CS Collaborative program and RFA process.



  • Amy Werst
  • Manager of Programmatic Operations
  • Center for STEM Education, The University of Texas at Austin


WeTeach_CSWeTeach_CS is a multifaceted initiative designed to increase the number of certified computer science teachers in Texas and to continue improving CS education by providing teachers with ongoing professional development, resources, and community.



RGB_formal_center_for_stem_educationWeTeach_CS is a project of the Center for STEM Education, which is part of the College of Education at The University of Texas at Austin. The Center for STEM Education provides support for, and fosters collaboration among, researchers interested in conducting externally-funded interdisciplinary research on STEM teaching and learning, the conditions that influence it, and innovations that can maximize it. The Center for STEM Education also provides professional development for STEM teachers in Texas schools.