Extending a Grades 3-5 Early Algebra Learning Progression into Grades K-2


The purpose of this project is to develop and test the promise of a Grades K–2 Early Algebra Learning Progression (EALP) to build young children’s algebraic thinking. Algebra is a subject with which students still struggle. One recommendation for improving algebra instruction that has gained widespread acceptance has been to adopt a longitudinal, K–12 approach to teaching and learning algebra, rather than waiting until secondary grades to begin students’ formal algebra education. This project extends our Grades 3–5 EALP work into Grades K–2, with the end result being a complete and comprehensive model for algebra education across the elementary grades

Partners / Collaborators

This project is funded by the Institute of Education Sciences (2017-2021). Principal investigators are Eric Knuth (UT-Austin), Ana Stephens (UW-Madison), Maria Blanton (TERC), Angela Gardiner (TERC), and Rena Stroud (TERC).