The Impact of a Teacher-Led Early Algebra Intervention on Children’s Algebra-Readiness for Middle School (LEAP 3)


We scaled up our work in LEAP 2 to a much larger number of schools (approximately 46 schools) and students (approximately 3200 students), and are studying the effectiveness of our EALP’s instructional intervention when implemented by regular classroom teachers. We are comparing the performance of students who received the early algebra intervention in Grades 3-5 to students who received more traditional elementary grades instruction, and are following both sets of students (intervention and control) into Grade 6.

Partners / Collaborators

This project is funded by the Institute of Education Sciences (2014-2018). Principal investigators are Eric Knuth (UT-Austin), Ana Stephens (UW-Madison), Maria Blanton (TERC), Angela Gardiner (TERC), and Rena Stroud (TERC).