Thanks to collaboration between the Texas Natural Gas Foundation, the State Energy Conservation Office and the Texas Regional Collaboratives at the University of Texas, science teachers have a high quality energy supplement to teach their students about natural gas and other Texas fuels.

The Texas Energy Education Project (TEEP) was conceived to be a multi-year project.  As units are developed, they will be rolled out and tested through the Texas Regional Collaboratives’ network of classroom science teachers.


TEEP Units

The first units were developed in 2016 and cover:

  • Energy Resources – serves as an introduction to the course and will address the basics—What is Energy? What are the Forms of Energy?
  • Energy Efficiency – looks more specifically at examples of energy resources currently available and explores their costs and benefits.
  • Energy in Your State – explores in depth the energy resources that are abundant in Texas


TEEP materials are free to Texas teachers to use and may be downloaded at the link below.

Click to visit download site.



  • Todd Hutner, Ph.D.
  • Assistant Director for Teacher Education and Center Development
  • Center for STEM Education



The TEEP program is a collaboration between the Texas Natural Gas Foundation (TXNG), the State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) and the Center for STEM Education at the University of Texas Austin.


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