Geometry in Construction (GiC) is a high school program which began in 2005 in Loveland, CO. The GiC curriculum was developed over several years by math and CTE teachers, Tom Moore and Scott Burke, who were both looking for a way to make their respective courses more meaningful for students. The course integrates contextualized learning into both geometry and construction classes that are taken simultaneously by high school students. Geometry and construction teachers team teach the course with all of the mathematics content and sequence being driven by the various construction tasks. For example, rather than learning a concept like similar triangles separately in a math class, students first see a need for such math as they are tasked with laying a square foundation. Each GiC course ends with a capstone project such as a tiny house, that students build and ideally auction off to fund future projects. In short, GiC teachers rarely here the age-old question, “Why do we have to learn this stuff?” from their students.

The Center for STEM Education/TRC has offered professional development for Texas teachers in the GiC program annually since 2012. The four-day training provides teachers with the entire year long curriculum along with correlations to the TEKS for geometry topics. The TRC also offers a 1.5 day follow-up training for teachers who have been to Tier 1 training for new teachers but would like to collaborate with other experienced GiC teachers to problem solve and learn from each other. GiC training is supported by funding from TEA and Fluor corporation.


Upcoming Events

2018 Geometry in Construction Workshop

  • July 30 – Aug 2, 2018
  • Pflugerville, TX


Partners / Collaborators

Funding for this project is provided by the Texas Education Agency and Fluor Corporation.


Outcome / Report

TRC-Fluor Partnership 2014-2016 Activity Report (PDF)



Real World Connections with Geometry in Construction (PDF)

  • Texas STEM Conference, 2018
  • Carol Fletcher, UT Austin
  • Tom Moore, GIC Creator
  • Jennifer Kaszuba, UT Austin

Real World Connections with Geometry in Construction (PDF)

  • CTAT Winter Conference, 2018
  • Ryan Merritt, Pflugerville ISD
  • Jennifer Kaszuba, UT Austin

Geometry in Construction (PDF)

  • TASA Midwinter Conference, 2014
  • Carol Fletcher, Ph.D., UT Austin
  • Diana Sustaita, Pflugerville ISD
  • Ryan Merritt, Pflugerville ISD





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