Major projects in the Center for STEM Education focus on the themes of maximizing STEM learning for all students, improving STEM teacher education and disseminating our work to others. Central to all of our projects is a commitment to equity and social justice in STEM.


Maximizing STEM learning and access for all students

These projects focus on student learning and the design or development of new instructional approaches, curriculum materials, and technology enhanced learning environments.  All of these projects share a commitment to equity and inclusion for all students in STEM.

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Improving STEM teacher education through research and professional development

These projects focus on professional learning experiences for inservice and preservice STEM teachers and developing a better understanding of teacher thinking, practice and learning  in STEM fields. Common to each project listed below is a desire to help STEM teachers effectively work with all students in the nation’s increasingly diverse settings.

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Disseminating our work to others in STEM education so they can improve STEM teaching and learning for all students

The members of the Center for STEM education share our work with others interested in improving STEM education in many ways.

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