Pathways of Promise: Middle School Mathematics Project (PoP-MSMP)

The POP: MSMP project aims to provide professional development to middle school mathematics teachers following the TRC model, which includes summer intensive PD, school embedded follow-up, and creating and supporting mathematics leaders. For the school year 2015-16 teachers were provided the opportunity to learn about student thinking in the areas of algebraic thinking and proportional reasoning. Teachers in the project completed 72 hours of professional development. In addition to intensive PD designed to increase teachers’ content knowledge, the project included providing PLC leaders at each of the schools support toward facilitating their teachers’ use of problem solving in their classrooms and increasing capacity to understand and respond to student thinking. As part of the PD program teachers also had the opportunity to conduct clinical interviews with students to learn about student thinking and participated in two lesson-study style professional development days. Teachers responded to these experiences positively saying, “I am seeing kids do things that I did not know they could do before,” and “We really learned a lot from the taught lesson.” Teachers found the work challenging too, “This is a huge learning curve for me,” and “I really like this stuff. Can you help me learn how to teach it? I need practice!” The project will continue for the 2016-17 school year.


Partners / Collaborators

This project is funded by E3 Alliance. Project leads include Debra Plowman Junk, UT Austin and Dr. John Lamb, UT Tyler. The project works with school district partners identified by the E3 Pathways of Promise from the Austin area, and these are Austin ISD, Bastrop ISD, Round Rock ISD, and San Marcos CISD. Two of these districts, AISD and BISD had participating teachers in the MSMP in the school year, 2015-16.



Pathways of Promise: Building Strong Pathways Through Research-Informed Professional Development in Central Texas: Presentation in cooperation with E3 Alliance Partners at the National Career Pathways Network Conference 2015 in Dallas Texas. 

E3-3D: Pathways of Promise – Statewide Mathematics Analysis: Project partners Bastrop ISD and Austin ISD and Debbie Plowman Junk participated in the discussion panel for this central Texas meeting in Austin. More information (Includes downloadable presentation and media releases.)