T-TESS Online Course

The goal of T-TESS for Success is to enable math and science teachers to improve their practice through a deep, personal understanding of the T-TESS Rubric and how it leads to improved teacher performance.


About this Course

The T-TESS for Success project will enable teachers to build their instructional capacity through the review of online modules that are designed to deconstruct each dimension of the T-TESS rubric so that the indicators are clearly understandable to math and science teachers. Teachers who invest their time in this program will be active participants in the continuous improvement process and will be encouraged to hold themselves to a high standard for individual development and performance.

The T-TESS rubric provides the framework to define and demonstrate how the domains, dimensions, and descriptors can support teachers as they plan and deliver lessons that address student needs in each of the content areas. T-TESS for Success includes fourteen online professional development modules providing detailed explanation and analysis of each of the 12 T-TESS dimensions, tailored to Math and Science teachers. A participant guide for self-paced learning is also provided.

This course is ideally suited to a cohort of educators working together with a facilitator to improve its practice. Registering for this course will place you in a cohort with a University of Texas at Austin instructor serving as the facilitator. If you are interested in purchasing access for a cohort of teachers (e.g. pre-service teachers, a professional development project, or a school PLC) and providing your own facilitator, we can design a custom solution to fit your needs and schedule. Please contact carol.fletcher@utexas.edu for further details.


What You’ll Learn

  • Guide self-directed professional growth focused on instructional improvement at the classroom level, including introduction to SLOs (student learning objectives).
  • Provide professional development for teachers that is personally meaningful, immediately relevant, and job-embedded.
  • Enable practical application of the knowledge and skills described in the T-TESS rubric with direct application to math and science.
  • Increase reflective capacity of classroom teachers to self-assess their effectiveness with student learning.


Course Details

Course Type: Online, Facilitated

Course duration: 6 weeks

Class time: 4 hours per week

CPE credit: 24 hours CPE credit available


About the Instructors


course instructor

Dr. Lori Einfalt

Dr. Lori Einfalt is a founding partner of LCM Consulting. She is an enthusiastic trainer and advocate for T-TESS, T-PESS, AEL and SLO (Student Learning Objectives). Lori is an Adjunct Professor for Concordia University where she teaches in the principal preparation program. She also serves as a PSP and enjoys rolling her sleeves up to work directly with campuses to improve instruction. Lori believes the most effective way we can develop professional capacity of teachers and leaders is through personal coaching and meaningful feedback.



course instructor

Criss Wakefield

Criss Wakefield spent 36 years as an elementary classroom teacher, assistant principal and principal in the Pflugerville and Goose Creek School Districts. Since retiring in 2010, she has mentored and coached new principals, served as an interim principal in numerous schools, and her most recent work has been focused as a T-TESS and AEL trainer. In addition, she presently serves as a Professional Service Provider for the Texas Center for District and School Support at ESC 13 and enjoys being back on campuses supporting schools through the continuous improvement process.



course instructor

Mary Kimmins

Mary Kimmins is an educational consultant partner with LCM Consulting, LLC. In addition, she serves as secretary on the Pflugerville ISD Board of Trustees. In her 34 years of educational service, she has served in numerous roles, including middle/high school math and computer teacher, district curriculum coordinator, high school assistant principal, middle school principal, and director of the Intensive American English Institute. She is a TTESS and AEL trainer, and is trained in TPESS and SLO.