Upcoming presentations from STEM Researchers this Spring

By Christian Bazán
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The Spring conference season is quite busy for the College of Education STEM researchers this year with the American Educational Research Association annual meeting (AERA), the National Association for Research in Science Teaching (NARST), and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) all at the beginning of April.  Below you can find a list of the presenters and their presentations (not full citations of the work being presented) by conference:


  • Eric Knuth. Developing a Comprehensive Approach to Early Algebra. (Sunday 4/7, 8:00 am)
  • Katherine Muenks. What Do Fixed and Growth Mind-Set College Professors Actually Do and Say in the Classroom? (Saturday 4/6, 10:25 am)
  • Sarah Powell. The Impact of Equation-Solving Instruction Within Word-Problem Intervention for Third-Grade Students With Mathematics Difficulty. (Sunday 4/7, 3:40 pm)
  • Tia Madkins. Emotional Responsiveness as a Key Component of Learning Ecologies: A View from Multiple Settings. (Sunday 4/7, 8:00 am)
  • Tia Madkins. Culturally Relevant Computing in Action: Engaging Youth from Nondominant Communities in Computer Science Learning. (Sunday 4/7, 3:40 pm)
  • Tia Madkins. Confusion and Empowerment: How Girls Contend with Racism and Sexism in Computer Science. (Monday 4/8, 12:20 pm)
  • Tia Madkins. I'm Not Just Teaching Science: A Case Study of STEM Teachers' Dispositions Toward Equity-Focused Teaching. (Monday 4/8, 4:10 pm)
  • Ryan Gertenbach and Ingrid Ristroph. Identifying Effective Instructional Practices that Foster the Development of Algebraic Thinking in Elementary School. (Monday 4/8, 4:10 pm)
  • Catherine Riegle-Crumb. Examining Students’ Gendered Beliefs about Math and Implications for College Major. (Sunday 4/7, 3:40 pm)
  • Jayce Warner. Better Data, Better Progress: Methods for Measuring Inequities in Access to Computer Science Education. (Sunday 4/7, 11:50 am)
  • Jayce Warner. Scaling Certification Incentives and Professional Development to Increase Access to Qualified Computer Science Teachers. (Tuesday 4/9, 10:25 am)


  • Christina Baze. Girls Doing STEM: Epistemic Agency, Identity, and Gender through Argument-Driven Engineering. (Tuesday 4/2)
  • Lawrence Chu. Design and Argumentation at the Intersection of Student Engineering Identity and Engineering and Science Performance. (Tuesday 4/2)


  • Sarah Powell. Effective Intervention Practices for Problem Solving: A Focus on Structures and Algebraic Reasoning. (Thursday 4/4, 3:00 pm)
  • Sarah Powell. Using Shared reading to Promote Math-Language Proficiency in Pre-K Students: An Exploratory Study. (Friday 4/5, 9:30 am)

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