Learning Sciences Portfolio Program

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Learning Sciences Portfolio Program

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The Learning Sciences Portfolio Program is an interdisciplinary, research-based program designed to provide students with a deeper and broader understanding of how people learn, methods and contexts for studying learning, and the design of innovative environments that support learning. The program is designed to introduce graduate students to different theoretical and methodological traditions for studying learning, to bring novel perspectives to disciplinary communities, to encourage interdisciplinary research, and to broaden their professional networks, among other goals. A desired outcome of the program is for students to be better prepared to address important scientific or societal problems related to learning. The program will draw upon the expertise of faculty who study learning in both naturalistic and laboratory settings as well as in both formal (schools) and informal (e.g., museums) settings.

Eric Knuth, Ph.D.

Sanchez Building (SZB) 340H



Program Faculty

Eric Knuth portrait

Eric Knuth

Curriculum & Instruction (Chair)

Flavio Azevedo portrait

Flávio Azevedo

Curriculum & Instruction

Tia Madkins portrait

Tia Madkins

Curriculum & Instruction

Veronica Yan portrait

Veronica Yan

Educational Psychology

Katherine Muenks portait

Katherine Muenks

Educational Psychology

Sarah Powell portrait

Sarah Powell

Special Education

Christian Doabler portrait

Chris Doabler

Special Education

Cristine Legare profile image

Cristine Legare


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Katherine Tillman


Program Courses

STM 385 Knowing & Learning in STEM Education

STM 390.1 Equity in STEM Education

STM 390.2 Learning In and Out of School

EDP 382D.1 Psychology of Learning

EDP 382D.2 Instructional Psychology

EDP 382D.3 Motivation and Emotion

EDP 382D.4 Metacognition and Self-regulated Learning

SED 383 Intervention Research in Learning Disabilities

SED 395D Seminar in Learning Disabilities: Mathematics

PSY 394S Fundamentals of Developmental Psychology

Additional courses related to the learning sciences may occasionally be offered, and students should contact their advisor or the steering committee concerning approval for such courses.

Program Colloquia

STEM Education Colloquium

Curriculum & Instruction/STEM Center

Human Development, Culture, and Learning Science Colloquium

Educational Pyschology

Cognitive Science Colloquium