Needing to teach CS next year, but not sure how to get a class up and running? Struggling to find a CS1 curriculum that works? Come and get a sneak preview of a curriculum package that will get you through your first year, giving you everything you need in a nice, neat package. You will be ready for Day One, with lesson plans, student lessons, videos, study guides, practice activities, projects, labs, lab solutions, and assessments. Learn how to make this crucial first-year class a success from WeTeach_CS Education Professional Development Specialist John Owen.

We’ll examine the CS1 TEKS and become familiar with the expectations for the course, and then explore the four modules that make up the course. These include:

  • An introduction to Scratch, a block-based programming platform, on the first day of school, immediately engaging the students in coding experiences that are meaningful, fun and easy, also exposing students to some fairly sophisticated programming concepts and skills in a multi-week module of study.
  • A continued study of programming that also introduces Object Oriented concepts, using a graphics-based tool with scripted coding called Jeroo, further exploring the fundamentals of coding, providing high-level thinking and problem-solving opportunities for students.
  • We’ll tackle some off-line topics such as ethics, intellectual property rights, digital security, as well as the basics of technology systems and operations, including knowledge of hardware and software components, and aspects of programming languages (high level vs low level, compiled vs interpreted, top-down vs bottom-up vs object-oriented design concepts, etc.)
  • A “from the beginning” dive into Java programming, building from the traditional and simple “Hello World” program, showing the “bare bones” structure of a Java program, and gradually unfolding new aspects of coding, including output, input, data types and operations, variables and parameters, conditionals, loops, function use and creation, and basic data structures and algorithms. All these foundational skills will prepare students to continue their studies in future CS courses, such as AP CSA.

Come and experience first hand what you will be teaching your CS students next year!

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