Integrating Computational Thinking graphic for grades 3 through 5
June 12 - 13
Integrating Computational Thinking into ELA, Science, and Math (Grades 3-5)
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Do your students understand how they can solve problems and carry out tasks faster if they learn how computers “think”? Did you know that by teaching your students computational thinking skills you will be helping them to organize tasks logically, recognize patterns, automating solutions and tasks, be more efficient, and generalize and transfer what they have learned across situations? This two-day workshop will provide an introduction to what computational thinking is and how you can embed it into content area lessons. Prepared lessons in ELA, Science, and Math at each grade level (3-5) will be provided. After experiencing the prepared lessons we will discuss additional opportunities for embedding computational thinking. Lessons are TEKS aligned and written with ease of implementation in mind.

*Note, this workshop is about computational thinking skills, not how to code in content areas. While you should plan on bringing a laptop or tablet to access the online resources and take part in the lessons, we will not be doing any formal coding.

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