Bootstrap Datascience
Monday July 29
Bootstrap: Data Science
8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

What factors make some people live longer than others? Are more expensive restaurants really better than cheap ones? Who’s the greatest singer, athlete or actor of all time? Answering these questions involves analyzing data large datasets, from sports stats to record sales to census information. In Bootstrap:Data Science, students form their own questions about the world around them, analyze data using multiple methods, and write a research paper about their findings. The module covers functions, looping and iteration, data visualization, linear regression, and more. The core of this curriculum requires as little as 15 hours of instructional time, and there are materials available to use as a dedicated, semester-long CS course.

Easy-to-teach programming lets student get right to the data analysis, and any class that focuses on making claims based on data will find ample opportunities for integration. Social studies, science, and business teachers can utilize this module to help students make inferences from data in their courses; Math teachers can use this module to introduce foundational concepts in statistics; CS teachers can create entire electives from the course, or integrate it into full-year offerings. The final project in Bootstrap:Data Science can even be used as the Create Task for AP CS Principles!

Check out this Bootstrap Blog for design principles that underlie the Bootstrap approach. 

Bootstrap:Data Science aligns to CSTA standards and the team will help crosswalk materials to TEKS in your subject area. 

Interested in hearing more? Check out the webinar or download the presentation slides.

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