Equity in STEM Education forms the core of the March 2016 issue of .Edu, the online magazine of the College of Education. As part of this month’s STEM focus, the personnel and activities of the Center for STEM Education are featured in multiple articles.


One Big Question

One Big QuestionThe issue’s One Big Question feature asks, “How can we increase underrepresented students’ access and engagement with STEM content?” To answer this question, “Three professors share their research-based ideas about how educators can increase underrepresented students’ access to and engagement with STEM content.” The answers include a video of Victor Sampson, Director of the Center for STEM Education, discussing how improving teaching methods in the STEM classroom can help address this issue.

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Programming the Future

STEMEd Labs STEMPreneur TrainingProgramming the Future, covers a partnership between the Center for STEM Education and STEMEd Labs to provide a unique computer science training experience to both teachers and students. The training involved 20 local area high school students along with several teachers who were given special training in order to support the program, which took place over four consecutive weekends.

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“The teachers are participating in the workshop thanks to Dr. Carol Fletcher, deputy director of the UT College of Education’s Center for STEM Education. Last year, Fletcher met Ripal Nathuji, co-founder and president of STEMed Labs, the nonprofit that created Pi Bytes. When she heard about the classes, she immediately recognized an ideal professional development opportunity for teachers who were interested in furthering their computer science teaching skills.”

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Equity in STEM EducationAlong with a recap of the Center for STEM Education’s efforts to connect with STEM educators, the Equity in STEM Education issue covers other STEM education topics, including ways to “increase underrepresented students’ access to and engagement with STEM content.” College of Education faculty, students, and alumni are featured throughout .Edu’s content.

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