Dr. Catherine Riegle-CrumbIn late 2015, Catherine Riegle-Crumb was appointed as the first Associate Director of STEM Education Research in the Center for STEM Education, housed in the College of Education at the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Riegle-Crumb, an Associate Professor of STEM Education at the University of Texas at Austin will lead the research arm of the Center for STEM Education.

“I envision the Center for STEM Education becoming a nationally recognized leader in research on STEM education from elementary grades up through the collegiate years”, said Dr. Riegle-Crumb upon her appointment. Dr. Riegle-Crumb continued that “she is excited to work with the faculty throughout the College of Education as well as faculty from other Colleges at the University of Texas.” Part of the responsibilities of the new position are to increase research collaborations between the Center for STEM Education affiliated faculty and other faculty at the University of Texas at Austin, including, but not limited to faculty from the Cockrell School of Engineering, the College of Natural Science, and the College of Liberal Arts.

Dr. Riegle-Crumb is an internationally recognized STEM educator, whose research examines the social contexts of schooling, particularly as they relate to gender and racial/ethnic inequalities in math and science education. Dr. Riegle-Crumb’s important work has been supported by grants from The National Science Foundation, The National Institutes of Health and The Spencer Foundation, among others.  Dr. Riegle-Crumb has also published in prestigious research journals such as The American Educational Research Journal, Science Education, and Sociology of Education.

Dr. Riegle-Crumb has been a member of the faculty at the University of Texas at Austin for over a decade. Prior to her appointment in the College of Education, Dr. Riegle-Crumb was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Population Research Center, an interdisciplinary research institute at UT Austin where she continues as a Research Associate. Dr. Riegle-Crumb came to UT Austin after receiving her Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Chicago.