Left-right: Christine Bailie, Victor Sampson, and Debbie Junk

Left-right: Christine Bailie, Victor Sampson, and Debbie Plowman

On February 24th at the 2016 Blueprint for Educational Change Summit, the Center for STEM Education was recognized as an Architect of Change. This year, E3 Alliance featured four community organizations which were invaluable change agents across the educational continuum in Central Texas. Dr. Debbie Plowman has served as the project manager for E3 Alliance’s collaborative efforts with the Center for STEM Education’s TRC program via the Middle School Math Project. Dr. Carol Fletcher has acted as a long-time strategic thought leader in service to E3 Alliance through her engagement on the E3 High School, College and Career Success leadership team. Christine Bailie, Director of High School, College & Career Success at the E3 Alliance has worked closely with the Center for both of these efforts. Dr. Victor Sampson, Director of the Center for STEM Education, and Debbie Junk attended to receive the award.


Blueprint for Educational Change Summit

E3 Alliance - Blueprint for Educational Change SummitThe Blueprint for Educational Change Summit is the gathering of the most passionate, engaged, and committed members of our region who are doing the work to improve systems and build the strongest educational pipeline in the country, so every student can succeed and lead our region to economic prosperity.  This year E3 welcomed Marco Davis the Deputy Director the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics at the Summit.  He attended the Summit to celebrate the commitment and achievements of our region in improving student outcomes for our English Language Learners and continued effort to ensure educational excellence for Hispanics,

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