Center for STEM Education
The Center for STEM Education at The University of Texas at Austin is a research, teaching, and service unit located in the College of Education.

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The Center for STEM Education is an intellectual hub that brings together a diverse set of constituencies interested in improving teaching and learning in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics). Our commitment to equity, access, and social justice informs all of the work we do. We build collaborative teams comprised of teachers, community members, district administrators, university researchers, philanthropists, business, and civic leaders to (1) design and carry out cutting edge research in STEM Education, (2) promote equity and access to STEM learning opportunities, (3) provide high quality professional development to practicing STEM Teachers and (4) disseminate research findings, products, and instructional innovations to all parties working to improve STEM Education in Texas and throughout the U.S.



To achieve this mission, our work is organized around 6 themes


  1. Maximizing learning and access for all students in STEM
  2. Improving STEM teacher education through research and professional development
  3. Disseminating our work to others in STEM education so they can improve STEM teaching and learning for all students
  4. Fostering the next generation of STEM education researchers
  5. Facilitating and supporting state and national efforts to improve STEM Education for all students
  6. Bringing together various stakeholders in the improvement of STEM Education for all students