Our Team

Eric Knuth portrait

Eric Knuth, Ph.D.

Director of the STEM Center & Fellow of Elizabeth Shatto Massey Endowed Chair in Education
Karisma Morton portrait

Karisma Morton, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow
Ryan Gertenbach portrait

Ryan Gertenbach

Graduate Research Assistant
Ingrid Ristroph portrait

Ingrid Ristroph

Graduate Research Assistant
Carol Fletcher portrait

Carol Fletcher, Ph.D.

Deputy Director of the STEM Center

Dr. Carol Fletcher is the Deputy Director of the Center for STEM Education at UT Austin. In that capacity, she directs several statewide...

Nathalie Beausoleil portrait

Nathalie Beausoleil

Executive Assistant of the STEM Center
Ryan Torbey portrait

Ryan Torbey

Graduate Research Assistant
Amy Werst portrait

Amy Werst

Assistant Director for Outreach and Strategic Planning
Ellie Goldberg portrait

Ellie Goldberg

Teacher Externships Project Manager
John Owen portrait

John Owen

CS Professional Development Specialist
Jennifer Kaszuba portrait

Jennifer Kaszuba

Graduate Assistant
Jeff Early portrait

Jeff Early

Assistant Director for Finance and Operations
Karl Hereim portrait

Karl Hereim

Sr. Contracts and Grants Manager
Lisa Gentry portrait

Lisa Gentry

Sponsored Project Support Specialist
Carolina Cardenas portrait

Carolina Cardenas

Professional Development/Event Coordinator
Christian Bazán portrait

Christian Bazán

Communications and Marketing Coordinator
Stephen Gray portrait

Stephen Gray

Website and Social Media Coordinator
Reagan Francis portrait

Reagan Francis

Travel Support Specialist
Hayden Hendricks portrait

Hayden Hendricks

Business Support Specialist
Lisa Garbrecht portrait

Lisa Garbrecht, Ph.D.

Assistant Director of Project Evaluation Services

Dr. Garbrecht is an educational psychologist with over 18 years of experience as an external evaluator and researcher on numerous education-...

Jayce Warner portrait

Jayce Warner, Ph.D.

Research Associate
Christina Baze portrait

Christina Baze

Graduate Research Assistant
Ashley Bennett portrait

Ashley Bennett

Graduate Research Assistant
Lawrence Chu portrait

Lawrence Chu

Graduate Research Assistant
Menglu Peng portrait

Menglu Peng

Graduate Research Assistant
Garner Vincent portrait

Garner Vincent

Manager of IT Services

Garner Vincent is a software engineer specializing in full-stack web development.  He works with his team to develop custom web applications...

Wes Monroe portrait

Wes Monroe

Technical Project Coordinator
Johnathan Peacher portrait

Jonathan Peacher